Edge Slayer Kit, 3 pc | Edge Protector Scarf | Edge Brush | Lay Edges


Our Edge Slayer Kit, 3 pc kit comes with a satin edge scarf and 2 edge brushes.

100% Premium Silky Satin Plush Touch edge scarf for smoothing and laying down edges and slick updos without wicking moisture from hair. This silky satin edge scarf reduces friction on fragile strands preventing breakage and frizz.

Our Silky Satin Edge Scarf:

  • Prevents friction against hair that results in breakage and frizz
  • Locks in moisture and prevents dryness 
  • Safely lay edges and tames fly-away hairs
  • Is gentle on hair & skin

This Edge Brush & Comb combo is the best way to perfect your look in minutes. Ideal for silky-smooth edges. The edge brush lays hair edges to create a smoother and more polished look. The coated bristles on this 7inch easy to handle tool by Pydana Collection comes in multiple colors, compact and made to last long with a perfect design for edge sculpting.

Note: You do not have a choice in selecting the color of the edge brushes. The color of the edge brushes will vary in each order depending on color availability.

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