About Us

Pydana Collection was initially started in Stone Mountain, GA in 2016 but was launched in the Summer of 2017 by founder, Rochelle Pydana Buckner, at her kitchen table, after being fed up with the state of her natural hair and with the “natural” products on the market. After trying different products on the market on her hair, she immediately began to understand just what it was that women complained about.  Besides, working in a hospital lab which confined her to doing repetitive testing day in and day out as a Clinical Lab Scientist was no longer a career path she wanted to continue. Rochelle decided that she would create her own full line of wholesome natural hair care products geared towards meeting the unique needs of textured hair.

First she started out studying what was on the market, what people were saying about the products on the market and a way she could fill any voids that may be in the black hair care industry.  After studying ingredients and what hair care issues women were facing and what was lacking on the market, she began experimenting with the products that she was most familiar with coming from South America such as babassu, avacado, cupuacu, coconut and others.  This is when she found her gift.  She always knew she was exceptional at science but was never able to put her “inner-science” abilities to work for her.  This was her chance to prove to herself that she didn't have to waste her talent. Rochelle began to use her extensive physical and clinical science education, upbringing and her natural talent for formulating to develop a moisturizer that would really hold in moisture for women of color suffering with the oh so common dry hair issues.  Through multiple experiments and testing on herself and family members she finally perfected her first line of products: A solution. Pydana Collection was born.