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Best selling & easy to use Moisture LOC Kit.

Extreme Moisture for Dry Hair

No Flakes

Hair type 3A-4C / All Porosities

Quick, Easy, Effective & Affordable



Customer for life

Hello! I just wanted to say that I used your products for the first time today and omg! Iam blown away has been stressful lately and for the past month I've been having hella anxiety attacks, taking stress naps and avoiding everything (including self care unfortunately). I purchased the LOC kit and wow!!!! It was so invigorating to use your products, it gave me a spark that I've been needing. You now have a customer for life, using products made by fellow black people has given me an extra sense of strength (especially in today's day and age) and a new feeling for my self care days. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


 Postpartum Beauty

Tired as ever but my skin is flourishing thanks to @pydanacollection Kalahari Facial Oil  I’ve been using this as my nightly moisturizer since the end of February & I haven’t looked back! It clears up breakouts & reduces redness - literally hours after I gave birth a few weeks ago my face turned into a pepperoni pizza. Bcs I’ve mostly been home, I started using this day & night. It’s lightweight, melts into my skin perfectly, & it doesn’t clog my pores. I have used it under foundation too. 

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