Pydana Thermal Cap Directions

Directions for Use:

Apply Pydana Collection Deep Moisture or Protein treatment or product of choice to freshly washed hair.

Place plastic cap over entire head completely covering hair.

Place cap with the crown down (decorative side down) on clean microwave safe plate. Initially heat cap for 1 minute on high power (microwave temperatures may vary). If you need your cap hotter, continue to heat the Pydana Thermal Cap in 30 second intervals until you achieve the desired heat level that is safe and comfortable for you. Do not exceed 3 minutes.

Warning! Heating for more than 3 minutes and/or microwave temperature settings above 1000 watts can result in severe burns and possible damage to your cap as cap can reach very high temperatures. Do not over heat.

Caution! Always test the inside of cap to determine how hot it is!!! Pydana Thermal Caps can get very hot depending on how long you heat it.

Warning! The outside or decorative side of Pydana Thermal Cap does not feel as hot as the inside of cap. Use a temperature that is safe and comfortable for you.

Persons with medical conditions that cannot sit under commercial hair dryers should be cautious as stroke and seizures can be possibility for some.


How to care for Pydana Thermal Cap

Spot clean only using bleach free detergent and a clean cloth. Do not immerse in water. Allow cap to thoroughly air dry before use. As always, use a plastic cap underneath your Pydana Thermal Cap.

Thank you and Enjoy~