FAQ - Pydana Thermal Cap

What is the purpose of deep conditioning with a heat cap?

The Pydana Thermal Cap provides indirect heat to open up the hair cuticles to allow product to easily penetrate into the inner (hard to reach) layers of the hair shaft. This enhances product performance.


How do I heat up the Pydana Thermal Cap?

Just pop your #pydanathermalcap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and it stays warm for your DC session. Need it hotter? Replace cap in the microwave with the decorative side on the plate and heat in 30 sec intervals. Do not exceed 3 minutes. These are approximate times for heating as microwave settings may vary depending on the manufacturer and brand! Do not over heat.

CAUTION: The outside of the Pydana Thermal Cap may feel cooler than the inside so please check the inside of the cap to determine if the temperature is comfortable for you.


Is the Pydana Thermal Cap filled with FLAX SEED?

Absolutely not!!

We do not use flax seed because it becomes rancid with time.

Instead we use grain which superbly conducts and retains heat much better than flax seed.

Regarding other materials....

We use flannel on the inside of our caps, which is a soft, comfy, less bulky material. Flannel is curly hair friendly and won't SNAG your hair like Terry cloth.


How long should I deep condition with a Pydana Thermal Cap?

It's SCIENTIFICALLY proven that 15-30 minutes is all the time needed for effective deep conditioning. More than 30 minutes is ineffective. No need for overnight deep conditioning!


How hot does the Pydana Thermal Cap get?

It can get EXTREMELY HOT depending on how long it is heated. So be CAREFUL when using.

CAUTION: Excessive heating and microwave settings above 1000 watts can cause burns or damage to caps. Always exercise care and caution when using your heat cap and check the cap to make sure that the temperature is comfortable for you to wear without injury. Do not over heat. Heating time recommendations may vary depending on the manufacturer  and brand of your microwave. Please note that damage or injury due to over heating  the cap is the responsibility of the user and not a product defect.

Over heating your cap may result in damage to the cap and possible injury.

As always follow directions of use provided with purchase carefully and with discretion.


How does the Pydana Thermal Cap differ from other brands on the market?

We are the new kids on the block but we are quickly becoming a household name in the natural hair community as "the HOTTEST deep conditioning heat caps on the market."

The #pydanathermalcaps are designed to get hotter, evenly distribute heat & RETAIN heat longer than any other cap on the market. 

We are known for our bold, wildly colorful and vibrant prints that energize and inspire you to make bold moves and to live on the bright and colorful side of life.

Our caps are comfy and roomy enough to fit long hair, braids, weaves, sister locks or traditional locks.

Our caps are not bulky. They are comfortable and can be worn with pride and ease at home while doing chores around the house or outdoors while gardening or working out in Wakanda-like STYLE!


Is the Pydana Thermal Cap only used for deep conditioning?

Absolutely not!! It can be used for hair steaming, hot oil treatments, color processing, scalp treatments, pre-poo treatments, protein treatments...or any routine that requires indirect short term heat.


Sizing details

One adult size cap fits all.

Our heat caps are large and roomy enough to fit long hair, weaves, braids, sister locks and traditional locks (not bulky dreads).

To comfortably fit all of your hair into the Pydana Thermal Cap, simply wrap hair around your head and secure in place with hair pins. Or, twist hair into 2-4 twists and pin close to head.


I wear my hair in a protective style/locks/weave. Can I benefit from using a Pydana Thermal Cap?

YES! The heat therapy provided is beneficial for overall health of the scalp & hair. Also our caps are large enough to fit short to long hair, weaves/extensions and in some cases dread locks if it is wrapped around the head and secured in place with hair pin.


Gift wrapping and packaging

Currently gift wrapping is not available. However, each Pydana Thermal Cap comes ready-to-gift in a cute, reusable ecofriendly bag.


Wholesale availability

We are currently offering domestic and international wholesale opportunities. Please email your wholesale request to sales@pydanacollection.com

M-F from 9AM-6PM EST.