5 Pack Assorted Edge Brushes & Comb | Perfect Edges Made Easy | Smooth & Defined Edges

5 Pack Pydana Edge Brush & Comb combo is the best way to perfect your look in minutes. Ideal for silky-smooth edges. The PYD-5314 edge brush glides through hair edges to create a smoother and more polished look. The coated bristles on this 7inch easy to handle tool by Pydana Collection comes in multiple colors, compact and made to last long with a perfect design for edge sculpting. 3A; 3B; 3C; 4A; 4B; 4C Hair.


  • Smooth Brush
  • Firm Enough for Your Scalp 
  • No Tugging or Scratching
  • Multiple Colors

Material: Each edge brush is made of boar bristles.


Collections: Pydana Hair Tools

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