The Curly Hair Routine Every Natural Girl Needs to Try

June 01, 2021

The Curly Hair Routine Every Natural Girl Needs to Try

Things can get really confusing the first time you go natural. You may not know which products to get and even what routines to adopt. (And we all know there are a million products and about half-a-million routines.) So, this post is for anyone who has yet to narrow down their curly hair routine. You don’t have to keep trying all the products and all the things. Consider this your official roadmap to consistent curls. 

There Are a Million Paths to Curly Hair - Choose Yours

Right? Because when it comes to black hair care - and especially natural hair care - a trip to the store will have you sifting through aisles and aisles of products, all making the same claim. And what technique do you use? Should you go on a YouTube natural hair video rampage? #rabbithole Should you just buy all the products your friend uses? Not necessarily. Take the next 10 minutes or so to look through this lil’ micro-manual so  you can nail down a routine that actually works for your hair. 

Eventually, you will find out that you don’t even need a lot - just a clarifying shampoo, a deep conditioner, a little hydration, some oil, and a moisturizing cream to start you off. 

(Yes, I realize that’s a long list, but it won’t feel like one once you get your routine going.😊 )


It is particularly a good idea to use products with natural ingredients like babassu oil and baobab protein. Not only are there tons of benefits for your hair (which we’ll get into later in this article) but they’re also pretty great for your scalp and skin - talk of a good scalp massage oil! And don’t even get me started on the benefits of baobab protein for natural hair. But keep reading.


Yes, You Need a Curly Hair Routine (that you follow religiously)

If you want your curly hair to thrive, you will have to stick to a clear routine. This will ensure that your hair is always moisturized, detangled, and healthy. Think of it this way - a curly hair routine does for your hair what a skincare regimen does for your skin


And while there are some basics that all curlies should do, most of your daily “curly hair” steps will be up to your own discretion. So to start you off, we are going to give you a basic step-by-step guide that you can build on.


A Super-Simple Curly Hair Routine That You Can Follow Step-by-Step

Today, we are going to feature a great curly hair routine for beginners. It will guide you on how to properly wash, condition, and grow your hair. Its main steps are:


#1 Wash Your Hair

Washing curly hair every day is a no-no - it strips your hair of its moisture and leaves it rough and fragile. That’s why it’s best to only do this once every 5 to 10 days, and with a sulfate-free silicone-free shampoo. For the best results, always get a moisturizing shampoo. These have neither ammonium nor sulfates and are quite gentle on your hair. 


And on days you don’t need to fully cleanse your hair, you could always do a co-wash. This is when you swap out your shampoo for a special kind of conditioner that removes dirt while still maintaining your hair’s natural oils. It refreshes your curls and saves them from frizz and damage. 


If you live in a hard water area, regularly swim, or use a lot of greasy products though, you will have to get a gentle clarifying shampoo and use it once a month. This is the only way to remove all the product and mineral buildup in your hair. While many of these shampoos have sulfates, they don’t have to contain silicones. 


#2 Detangle and Condition

If there is one thing every curly girl has experienced, it is the frustration of dealing with tangled hair. That’s why it is so important to detangle your hair, especially after shampooing it. Apply some conditioner to it and use your fingers and a comb or detangling brush to run through it. As long as you have a good conditioner, your hair should be untangled and manageable in a matter of minutes.


#3 Deep Condition

When it comes to natural hair, deep conditioning is non-negotiable, especially when you are creating a curly hair routine for 4c hair. It leaves your hair bouncy, shiny, and healthy, especially when done regularly. As long as you have a high-quality deep conditioner, you should only have to use it once every 1 to 2 weeks.


A good choice is our Herbal Silk Rhodiola and Baobab Deep Condition Protein Treatment. This 2 in 1 product lets you condition your hair and do your protein treatment at the same time. It repairs damaged hair, hydrates it, and supports a healthy protein-moisture balance.


#4 Consider Using a Leave-in Conditioner as Part of Your LOC process

Once you are done with washing and or deep conditioning your hair, you don’t have to apply a whole lot of product. In most cases, a good leave-in conditioner + oil + moisturizing cream will work wonders. These products are particularly great for restoring moisture to your hair and styling, especially when it comes to defining curls. 


And if you are looking for something that combines the powers of all these three products, we have a recommendation - the Herbal Silk Green Tea and Babassu Twisting Buttercream. It is your one-stop-shop for detangling, moisturizing, and conditioning. What’s more? It provides all the babassu oil benefits for hair.


Babassu Oil and Baobab Protein Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Now you must have noticed, we have mentioned babassu oil and baobab a few times in this article. There’s a reason for this - they will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. They have a host of benefits that make them suitable for all kinds of hair. So without further ado, let’s give you some information about them.


What is Babassu Oil?

Babassu oil is a light yellow oil derived from the babassu palm tree that is native to South America. Apart from being used to make hair and  skincare products, it can also be used as a medicine. Babassu oil restores the health of your hair by repairing dry, brittle strands. Babassu oil is a BOSS at helping your hair to retain moisture and its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties can promote a healthy scalp. 

What is Baobab Protein?

You may know about baobab oil, but we actually use the protein in our products. Isn’t that a supplement? Yes, and…

Baobab protein is great for hair recovery. Earlier in this post, I mentioned getting a good shampoo to remove products and contaminants (like chlorine from frequent swims) - well, baobab protein will help tremendously with that recovery because it’s packed with amino acids.  Just think of baobab protein as the one that helps with the big 3 R’s of hair care - repair, recovery, resilience.


So… how do they help you maintain your curls?

If there is one thing that you should remember about babassu oil, it is that it is good at conditioning and retaining hair moisture. It coats your hair in a thin, light layer, lubricating and softening it. That means it’s great for you if you struggle with brittle hair. AND it promotes hair growth and has antioxidants that promote a healthy scalp - say bye-bye dandruff!


And if you think babassu oil is impressive, wait till you hear about baobab benefits for hair. First of all, it seriously boosts hair growth - no matter how curly your mane may be, this oil works wonders. Also, it moisturizes both your hair and scalp, getting rid of dry itchy skin. And since it has 6 times more Vitamin C than an orange (whaaaat?), it strengthens and nourishes your hair, improving texture and elasticity. 


So if you’re currently building a curly hair routine for 4c hair, baobab oil should definitely be in it. 


Two Things Beginners Always Miss

As a newbie natural, it's easy to miss out on some things. So to keep you on your toes, we are going to talk about the two most easily forgotten ones:


Moisturize and Rehydrate 

Once you wash and condition your hair you’re done for the week, right? Umm, no - curly hair needs to be rehydrated often. And while a curly hair routine for 3b hair may not need a lot, a 4c one definitely does. Some of the things you could do include:

  • Spritz some water over your hair daily
  • Use sealants to lock in moisture into your hair 
  • Use hydration masks to lock in moisture
  • Use water and oil to hydrate your hair daily
  • Use the LOC method to hydrate your hair every few days
  • Use the LCO method to hydrate your hair every few days 


Leave Your Hair Alooooone, Sis!

No, you don’t need to always be styling your hair. On the contrary, constantly touching and manipulating your hair can make it drier and more brittle, especially when you throw in some heat manipulation as well. So, keep your hands to yourself and remember to sleep in your satin bonnet - your hair will thank you for it!


3 Quick Tips for Men Doing Curly Hair Routines 

Yes, we’ve got a little something for the brothers as well. So if you are struggling with putting together a curly hair routine for men, you have come to the right place. We have a few tips that can help you out:


Less is More

When it comes to naturally curly hair, you don’t need a lot of products. To start you off, you should just have a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and styling cream. These are enough to keep your hair healthy and achieve most men’s styling needs. Then as you understand your hair better, you can pick up others that work well for you.

Style Your Hair While It’s Wet

Styling your hair while wet will not only curb the formation of frizz but it will also enhance your curl definition. 


Consider Using a Dry Shampoo

Are you constantly frustrated by how much buildup your hair accumulates within a short period? It’s high time you started using dry shampoo then. It will soak up all the dirt from your scalp without stripping your curls. Depending on how intense your buildup is, you can use it every 2 to 3 days.


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