Pydana Crocodile Hair Clips | Section Hair | 5 per pack | Buy More & Save

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Our Crocodile Hair Clips are great for sectioning and styling wet or dry hair. 


EXCELLENT FOR SECTIONING HAIR: Use to section hair during detangling, applying product to sections of hair and securing in place, hair cutting, securing sectioned hair, braids, locks in place during deep conditioning. 


MULTIPURPOSE STYLING HAIR ACCESSORIES: They don't slip and the grip is tight. Great for anyone who likes to curl or style their hair and need clips to hold up while styling. Whether your hair is long or short, fine or thick, straight or curly, these clips will securely hold your hair in place without slipping out. 


DOES NOT PULL OR DAMAGE YOUR HAIR: They hold the hair tightly without pulling or damaging the hair and without leaving any hair dents/kinks! The double joint is amazing for braids and working with multiple strands at a time. 


DURABLE, LIGHT WEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: Made of plastic, it is light weight but sturdy and easy to use. 



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