Biyo Maximum Hydration Trio

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Our Trio system was formulated with 3 high performing products that harmoniously work together. The Trio set will give you a look, feel and fragrance that would be one of the best experiences you could have with your hair. Whether short, long, 3C or 4C, this Trio will undoubtedly simplify and satisfy your hair routine over and over again.

Biyo Curl Enhancing Hair Cream provides lasting hydration and moisture to hair giving users head-turning silky soft, beautifully defined curls without crunch or flakes.

Biyo Curl Quench Maximum Hydration Hair Spritz is the ultimate pre-style primer and between wash curl refresher that delivers superb hydration to quench dry, thirsty hair, re-balances the pH of scalp and hair, smooths the cuticle and improves tensile strength.

Curl Restore Maximum Hydration Deep Conditioner is fortified with high performing ingredients to naturally restore maximum hydration and moisture to dry, damaged and/or color treated hair.

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